Tuesday, October 2, 2007


The author speaks as Manikandan in the below blog. I feel this is a easy way of story telling.

7 A.M - Sunday - 30th Sep 2007

I got down from bus no: 70 @ vadavalli bus stand to see my cousin bro' sunil waiting for me. A two minute ride on TVS Victor took me to "Sree Mahanu" (sweet home where my parents live). No big hugs, No senti tears, Just a 'Hi' to my mom and dad (I diappointed all tamil cinema fans)

"Maa...What time are we going there?"
"we will start at 10:45 am & we should be there around 11" - she answered, as she gave me a cup of steaming coffee. Nothing in this world tastes like what mom makes-what say?

9:30 AM & I already received calls from Vinu (my younger sis), Harini (my elder sis) & Sudha chithi (my mom's sis). I saw an Amby( mom said that this car was bought when she was in her 9th std). Raja mama(mom's bro) pavi (his daughter) and Ammachi (my mom's mom. The eldest in our family. I have to write a seperate blog to write all about her. But right now we stick to one and only shooting) had arrived.

I know pavi is going to have a great time pulling my leg today. I can see the urge in her eyes to seize the oppurtunity.

I took bath (happends only on special occasions), sprayed almost half of my deo to make sure it works that day. Wore the shirt and trouser that sunil chose out of the 3 sets. My heart beat is almost normal. I was in full formals (only my ID card was missing).
I got into Amby's back seat and we follwed the Indica. We stopped in the famous "Sri Krishna" sweet shop. I did not bother to get down from the car as I was more concerned about my complexion. Both the cars reached the destination and I can feel my heart beat raising. I got down from the car to see the girl's (Yes I went on an official shooting alias sight seeing) father waiting at the entrance.

A warm welcome & I am already sitting inside their living room. Things that I noticed
-a Sony home theatre system ( I always liked sony right from my college days)
-a ganesh painting(does she know painting?)
-a pic of girl's bro' (doing his MBA in U.S)
-and the same pic of the girl (which I saw before shooting) or pic of same girl

I could feel all eyes continiously watching every nano movement of mine.

1st round of snacks, a cold drink. It helped me to quench my drying throat. Pavi and Sunil are already having fun pulling my leg.
2nd round of snacks, some sweet and hot stuff. I am in no mood to taste these stuff . Already there were enough interaction between the two families.
3rd round of snaks, a hot cup of coffee. I did not understand the logic of drinking a hot cup of coffee after a cold drink. Probably the girl is still gettin ready.

Finally my mom asked the girl's parents for girls dharshan (good job mom)

Here comes the moment ......(vaa'ma minnal)
The girl in the pic was escorted to the living room. She was made to sit near my grand ma (right opposite to me). I dont know if she is good looking but I liked her already . A traditional looking tamil girl with saree, long hair and white flowers.

My heart is beating twice its usual speed & my blood is rushing like an F1 car.

I noticed her watch (cute black color rectangle one)
When I looked at her she is already smiling and speaking to people around. And myself totally tight lipped like a school boy sitting in front of a principal.

I looked at her now and then. So damn embarassing to see a girl knowing that people around are watching you.

I tried hard to shut the water falls in my mouth. No use....

My mom asked "Do you want to speak to the girl" and ofcourse I said yes.

Both of us are sitting in 1st floor and I started 1st "Looks like you are more relaxed than me"
she threw a beautiful smile.
"How is work?" - she asked
"ya...ok...good, how is your work?"
we spoke about each others job profile
she is a vegetarian. I asked "is it o.k if i eat non-veg?"
"fine" she said

"Do you know to cook?"
"ya, little bit"

"I dont know cooking. I know only to heat the water. Are you planning to work or quit after marriage?"
"What ever you want me to.."
"I dont have any preference. you can do as you wish"

its already 40 mins & 5~6 missed calls from pavi and sunil. ( I am sure we both enjoy talking to each other)

"If you have anything specific to ask me you can?"
but before she could utter an word, there came her cousin sis (karadi in siva pooja) asking if we can get back downstairs.

my mom conveyed my yes to her mom. They are yet to decide. They will come out with the result after discussing it with their son in U.S.

She came down for my send off. I said a bye and left.

What ever may be the outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment, especially those sweet 40 mins

I hope i dont go for another shooting in my life......